Stand with Ukraine

Ukrainian refugee shelter in Poland

In Cambodia, our foundation is engaged with IT Step, an e-learning provider with its head office in Ukraine. They have initiated a project to provide Ukrainian refugees in Poland with laptops and smartphones. Most families consist of a mother and/or grandmother with four to five children who are all traumatized and could carry only the bare minimum on their flight to safety. With laptops and smartphones, the children will be able to follow on-line school and have some distraction from their horrible experiences.

55 laptops and 21 smartphones

On Saturday 30th April, we delivered 55 laptops and 21 smartphones, that have been collected from several donors, in the city of Walbrzych. In this small town around 1,200 children have found shelter spread over four locations and local volunteers will take care of equal distribution. The families were very grateful and emotional after receiving their devices.  

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