About us

Investment for life is the shared dream of two men

Rikkert Beerekamp, 48 years old married with Annemarie and father of Tygo and Roxy, is living in Breukelen and has made a career in investments, but really gets engaged by fighting inequality.

Sirivuth Ann, 48 years old, married with Sinuon Phumand father of Two sons and a daughter: Panhavorn, Viworth and Shining, is living in Phnom Pehn and grew up during the Pol Pot period, losing his father, brother and sister and growing up in severe poverty with no education, but has dedicated his whole life providing others with better opportunities in life

Mission & Vision

Why we do what we do

In Cambodia poverty is declining, but economic growth benefited the non-poor more. 41% of the active population survives with less than div USD a day. Consequently many young Cambodians must drop their studies, move to neighboring countries, and end up working in very difficult conditions to send some money home. 80% of the population lives in rural areas and 50% is under 25. Most of secondary education is provided on a fee-paying basis, and is therefore inaccessible to most students, especially in rural areas.

  • Invest in digital talent by providing IT education to children in underserved populations in Cambodia for a period of 3 years to enhance their chances in the digital economy
  • Provide a platform to support talent by to develop their soft/business skills
  • Enable these talents to support their families and local communities and reinvest in the program
  • Wealth and opportunities are not equally spread globally, but talent is
  • Education creates opportunities to develop talent
  • Digital inclusion will foster economic growth and development, higher productivity, employment and innovation


What we do

The program brings together three skills that are crucial in becoming self-sustainable with healthy living conditions

IT Literacy
  • Increase typing speed of at least 20- 25words/minute
  • MsWord for administrative works both school and education purposes for reporting, thesis, assignment etc
  • MsExcel to create invoice, table, report and others
    Basic formulas for general calculation
  • PowerPoint to do presentation
Soft- and life skills
  • To build foundation knowledge about career and employment at the early stage for the students
  • Personal development to become potential employees in the future
  • To be able to make informed decision for their ideal major at university
Business skills
  • Learn basic economic principles
  • Understand how a company is managed/operated
  • Get inspired how to start a company

Our board

Rikkert Beerekamp


founder and source of inspiration for Investment for Life

Remco Koopman


always positive ad fully energized to get things done

Ivo Larsen


always reflecting and creative in solving problems

IFL Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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