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In Cambodia poverty is declining, but economic growth benefited the non-poor more. 41% of the active population survives with less than div USD a day. Consequently many young Cambodians must drop their studies, move to neighboring countries, and end up working in very difficult conditions to send some money home. 80% of the population lives in rural areas and 50% is under 25. Most of secondary education is provided on a fee-paying basis, and is therefore inaccessible to most students, especially in rural areas.

  • Invest in digital talent by providing IT education to children in underserved populations in Cambodia for a period of 3 years to enhance their chances in the digital economy
  • Provide a platform to support talent by to develop their soft/business skills
  • Enable these talents to support their families and local communities and reinvest in the program
  • Wealth and opportunities are not equally spread globally, but talent is
  • Education creates opportunities to develop talent
  • Digital inclusion will foster economic growth and development, higher productivity, employment and innovation

IFL Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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