Alumni and teachers tell their stories

All these stories are in English, as they have  been written in English by the students and teachers themselves.


My name is Sopheak, I am 17 years old and a student in 12th grade at Borset High School. When I first learnt about computers, I was not able to practice with an actual computer I did not know what and where to click. When I found out that the school was setting up the computer lab for actual practice, I was happy. I hope to practice in the class with my friends around. I understand that computer knowledge and skills are very important nowadays, it helps to education and good employment in the future. I am committed to learn.


Krymeng, male, 18, the student in 12th grade at Borset High School also told that “I have just been learning the computer theory for many years. I have never practiced with the real computer. I do not know about the real computer. I am excited to hear that the school now has the computer class for the students to practice.  I cannot wait to practice because if I knew the computer, it would make me easier to find a job in the job market and explore my education. I would appreciate for having the computer in my school even it is my final year, but I hope more students come to high school level to benefit their study.


Theara, female student, 17, in grade 12 at Kampong Leav high school, Prey Veng told that “My friends and I were very delighted to hear that we would have computer class in school as it was our dream that we could learn computer someday that we had never leant computer before.” Theara explained that “Our dream became true to the Opening Day of Computer Class in August 2019. We were excited to join and sat in the computer class at our first time. We loved to study it and promised to try our best to learn and apply the knowledge after the class. Luckily, we finished the introduction to the basic of computer and MS Word, typing documents, after one month.” Theara also stressed that “We found that the computer skill would enable us to access to opportunities of success in ourselves, families and society in the future. Especially, when we have computer skill, we can find a good job for life and develop our community as much as we can. We would appreciate for the support from our school and the project of IFL through Bethel Mission to care about our future.”

Theara started her computer class at her school in grade 10 in 2019 and she bought her own computer a month later to study more at home. Now, she can use MS Word, MS Power Point and Email. Theara wants to be a teacher of English in the future because she likes teaching. We will miss Theara as she will graduate her high school this year, 2021. We do hope we can engage with Theara and support her as much as we can when she comes to study in Phnom Penh.


My name is Manin. I am 17 years old. I study in grade 12 at Kampong Leav High School. I was impressed and overjoyed to learn computer at school with my friends when I was in 10th grade. It was the great opening in 2019 I remembered. I bought one computer to study at home after I learnt it at school. Since then I try to use computer everyday with my own computer because I want to learn something new, especially on YouTube. It becomes very helpful for me as I have to learn online with my teachers to prepare my exam during the pandemics of Covid-19 and all schools closed. I want to study at university of Health and Sciences after my high school for I want to be a doctor in the future because it is one of my favorite jobs. I want to save the people’s lives around me when they need me I will help them without any return. I like making video clips and upload on YouTube in my free time. The computer knowledge that I learned from school helps me a lot for my work. I would like to give my profound thanks to my school and the project of IFL through Bethel Mission to support me and my friends for the computer literacy


 Racheal, girl, 13, in 7th grade, lives with her parents, the scavengers, in rental slum. The mother and father with their cart pick up and buy recycled stuff around Phnom Penh every day to feed three children, one niece and one old mother.  It makes them hard to collect the stuff owing to the pandemics of Covid-19. Racheal also told that “We were not able to go to English class because we have to pay and my parents could not afford to do so. I am very happy to learn English for free at Bethel Mission. I have learnt there for more than two years. Now, I can read, spell, write and speak English better that before. I was excited to have computer class because I have never learnt computer before. It was our first time to sit and touch computer in the computer class. There are no computer training classes or schools in the community. When asked why she wanted to learn English and Computer, Racheal said that “English and Computer are helpful for me to find a good job in the future. I can also teach the children in the community.”

Mr. Sopheak

Mr. Sopheak, the computer teacher at Sla Ku high school, Takeo province, said “I taught the students the theory of IT literacy since I came to school in 2020. The students did not practice directly with computers because we did not have. I only used the computer book from the Ministry of Education and taught the theory only. It was very difficult to explain the lesson. Our school is lucky to get supported from Bethel Mission and the donation from IFL project. The computer class will make a great opportunity for students to learn and apply in school and when they graduated. It will also give the benefit to the teachers in our schools as well to study and work from the computer for assignment to the students and reporting to the principal as not most of them have or learn computer yet. I believe that both the students and teacher will make a great progress in computer science.”

Mr. Bros

Mr. Bros, the school principal of Sla Ku high school, Takeo, told that “My school has not yet received any support for more than thirty years. I am very pleased and excited to first see my school equipped  with 15 computers, 1 printer, projector and screen and 4 wall fans, lightings and many other installed materials. I am very proud to get supported from Bethel Mission and the kind donation from IFL in Netherlands to help promote education in my school. The donation is very important to invest to the lives of the students so that they become competent to restore their lives, families and communities. All teachers and students are very happy to see the class open. We would profoundly thank for the donation and support to our school.”

Mr. Kimhach

Mr. Kimhach, the deputy director of the Department of Education, Kampong Speu, told the school principal, teachers, school management committee and office of education that “It is very important to get the partnership from Bethel Mission to improve the quality of our students relevant to IT literacy, soft and life skills which we could not afford and did not get support from other NGOs. I would encourage all of us to work hard to ensure that we can achieve as planned to build trust so that other high schools can be supported in the future.” He stressed that “We strongly welcome to the kind support from our donation and we do hope that it is not the last support, but the first and will be the second and third support in the future. I would call for attention to everyone participated to take care of this partnership.”

Mr. Bun

Mr. Bun, the school principal at Prey Veng, used the computer class to train 14 teachers at the first promotion about the google meet, Google classroom and Google Forms. He told that “We will train the teachers in small groups how to use the online technologies to teach the students and work online.” He continued that “The computer is much helpful to us. I would again appreciate for the kind donation and support from Bethel Mission and IFL so that our school can have computers not only for the students, but also teachers.” Mr. Bun raised that “It is good that the provincial governor postponed the quarantine at our school, so we can meet the teachers and give some advice to the 12th grade students to prepare their exams in November 2021.”

Mr. Rithy

With computer class, Mr. Rithy, the teacher at Kampong Leav high school, Prey Veng, impressed that “I would like to conclude with two advantages of having the computer class in our school. It is beneficial and important to Teaching and Learning of the students. Teaching, it is very helpful to the teachers with computers and internet as they can prepare the lessons, assignments, exams and reporting, especially in the pandemics of Covid-19 that the teachers have to teach online by using some high techniques including google meet, google form, messenger, telegram, zoom and so on. Learning, it is vital for the students to learn the IT literacy relevant to technologies to support their study in school as well as after their graduation, at their university and employment. I would like to appreciate for the right support from Bethel Mission and IFL to our students and teachers.”

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