Takeo (School 4)

Sla Ku High School


15 computers, 1 printer and 1 LCD projector

The school is located along National Road 3 from Phnom Penh to Kep at the coast. 

As soon as the project agreement was signed, our project team started cleaning up the class and designed according the size of the class. After sweat and exhaust, we felt overjoyed to see the class is fully furnished with computers and good structure designed ready to handover. The project completely handed over all materials set up and designed as per expense list to the school principal to take care and operate. 

The story in short

“My school has not yet received any support for more than thirty years. I am very pleased and excited to first see my school equipped  with 15 computers, 1 printer, projector and screen and 4 wall fans, lightings and many other installed materials. I am very proud to get supported from Bethel Mission and the kind donation from IFL in Netherlands to help promote education in my school. The donation is very important to invest to the lives of the students so that they become competent to restore their lives, families and communities. All teachers and students are very happy to see the class open. We would profoundly thank for the donation and support to our school.”

Mr. Bros

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