Sampov Poun (School 3)

Sampov Poun high school


15 computers, 1 printer and 1 LCD projector

Sampov Poun is located in Koh Thom, Kandal province, on the plot of land of more than 50,000 square meters, 63 km from Phnom Penh bordering Vietnam. 

It was the long historical story of the name, Sampov means big boat or ship where Poun means come together at one place. Sampov Poun means that the place where the people with many big boats or ships came together for their business.

There are 1,882 students including 976 girls. Sampov Poun is highly recognized as one of the schools to set-up online training by using Telegram during the pandemics. Currently, there are 67 teachers including 28 women teaching within 7 buildings within different 30 classrooms. Mr. Vanna, the principal, reported that “We need 12 classrooms more to accommodate the students so that we can reduce the number in each class, not overcrowded and to prepare for the new enrollment.”

With good recommendation and support from Mr. Sam Ol, the director of the Department of Education (DoE), the project went on the assessment in June 2021. After the long consultative meeting with DoE to compare between Sampov Poun and Tep Pranam, the mutual agreement was signed between DoE, the School Principal and Bethel Mission on September 10, 2021. With any delay, the team of IFL and Bethel Mission went on the installment preparation and started on September 14, 2021. The team finished the installment and setup and celebrated the handover on September 17, 2021 with the participation from 17 school teachers, principal and the deputy office of education. The celebration was ended after group photo and fellowship lunch.

The story in short

I would like to thank Bethel Mission for helping our school with IT Literacy, Soft and Life Skills through the kind donation from IFL. I appreciate receiving the materials of 15 computers, projector and screen, printer and other supplies that the project provided in the computer lab installment. The project is very important for our students to learn and acquire the new knowledge and skills and help enable them to respond to the requirement of national and international job marketplace after they leave their high school for their further education and employment. I would also like to appeal for continued support from Bethel Mission and IFL in the future.”

One of the students in grade 11, said “I have never touched and learnt computer before, but now I can learn and search for learning materials and store documents. I feel very pleased to have the opportunity to acquire the computer skill. Without your support, I would not have a chance to learn computer today. I do hope I will use the skill for my future career after school”

Mr. Vanna

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