Samaki High School (School 6) 

Samaki High School, Khan Tuolkork, Phnom Penh


15 computers, 1 printer and 1 LCD projector and Screen

Samaki is located in the capital city Phnom Penh. It is a large school based on 34,632 square meters and consists of 6 large school buildings with 72 class rooms.

The school has 220 teachers, of which 111 female, teaching 5,709 students from grade 7 – 12, with 1,055 in grade 10, 918 in grade 11 and 1,002 in grade 12. The school had no existing computer lab, and even our computer lab is too small for the number of students.

The computer lab was opened on February 8, 2023, in cooperation with De Heus, a local corporate donor.

The story in short

Mr. Phan Nil, the school principal of Samaki High School, Phnom Penh, appreciated and was excited and that “I grateful for the positive assessment of my school. I hope the NGO will support my school for a long time. We will make sure to comply with the criteria.”

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Nil promised in front of the more than 100 students, DoE and donors that “I am very pleased to see the computer class existed. I selected more than 200 students to enroll the computer class. I will commit to achieve the plan as agreed.” He stressed that “The computer class does not only help the students, but also our teachers to move forward to Industry 4.0 because every work is online after the pandemics. I do hope Bethel Mission and IFL will expand the support with more computers in the future.”

After the opening, the computer class is open to the students. Everyone is happy to put their hands on the computer at the first time. Without any delay, they started typing. Rotha, the girl student, told “I am excited to have computer class in my school and it is my first time to learn the computer. I hope I can learn and work better with computer skill.”

Mr. Phan Nil

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