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Krang Sramor High School (School 9)

Krang Sramor High School Kraing Sram Village


15 computers, 1 printer and 1 LCD projector and Screen

Krang Sramor is located in Kraing Sram Village in Kampong Chnang Province. The school is located on more than 3 hectares of land and has 7 school buildings with 26 class rooms for 1,165 students.

Tbeng High School is located along national road 6 to Siem Reap in Bakong Village in Kampong Thom Province. The school was established in in 1984 on 18 hectares with 8 buildings, including a girl students residence, divided into 29 class rooms. 

The school has 49 teachers, of which 22 female, teaching 1,291 students, of which 690 girls, from grade 7  to 12. 

This computer lab was opened on August 30th 2023 in the presence of commune chief, school principal and department of education. 

The story in short

Mr. Bunna, the school principal, was excited and explained that “I am very grateful that my school was selected among the others. We have two IT teachers, but we did not have any computers. Our teacher only used the computer lesson from the books where the students did not know anything about computers.”

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Bunna said “I am very pleased to see the computer class existed in my school where this will benefit to our students and teachers. I would commit to achieve the plan as agreed. I do hope IFL will expand the support with more computers in the future.”

Mr. Bunna

Mr. Bunna

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