Graveyard (Slum 2)

Computer room in a slum


5 computers

In November 2021, the IFL team has opened the second computer room in Graveyard community, one of the slums in Phnom Penn.

With 155 families, 113 households with the population of more than 400 people, are living among the hundreds of tombs. Most adults are poor educated leading to children with poor education, attitude, behavior, and character, especially children grow up without any prospects. We bring hope and (IT-) opportunities for a better living. 

The story in short

The computer class will impact to a total population of 224 persons of which 109 girls and 38 boys. The slums are active for drug trafficking, gambling, violence and alcohol both day and night. The children are growing up in abusive situations with poor hygiene and without any education. The Bethel Mission under the financial support from IFL is providing English classes and hygiene projects next to running the computer room. The goal is to train 60 young children in the age of 10-15 in the coming three years.

IFL Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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