Borivas high school (School 5)

Borivas high school, Kampot


15 computers, 1 printer and 1 LCD projector

Boriva is located in Kampot province, 109 km from Phnom Penh along national road 3 in a remote community, 2 km from the main road. 

Borivas was renovated and the new school building donated by the government and completed in 2019. There are 121 teachers, including 34 women, teaching 1,034 students in 6 buildings with 32 classrooms.

In cooperation with the Department of Education our team assessed 3 different high schools. The new installment started on March 16, 2022  and was completely finished on March 18, 2022 with strong participation from the students and teachers.

The story in short

Mr. Tak Hub, the director of the Department of Education (DoE), strongly welcomes the presence of IFL project and supported the collection of the required data from 3 different schools for the assessment. During the opening he said “I am delighted to see the students are able to access to the computer literacy, which is very important for future career. I would like to give my high appreciation on behalf of the community and leadership of the school, department of education and the provincial governor for the kind donation from IFL, especially Mr. Rikkert.”

Mr. Ponlork Phal, the school principal, Borivas High School, Kampot, said during the opening “on behalf of the deputy directors, the teachers, the parents, the community and the students, we would love to profoundly thank IFL and Bethel Mission. We do hope our students will do their best to learn as it will also be helpful for them to go to university and employment. We are excited and commit to achieve the target as planned in the agreement.” 

Mr. Ponlork Phal

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